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“I am very pleased to say that my experience of associating with Abhilasha Foundation has been excellent and I feel it is a privilege too. My appreciation for the excellent work Abhilasha is carrying out in uplifting under- privileged children. By providing opportunities to needy children, Abhilasha is investing in a better future for India, since children are the future. I am honoured to be a part of the organisation in a small way and shall try to remain so. My good wishes to Abhilasha to continue reaching out to children who need them the most. keep up the good work.“

Mr. Sajid Kachhi

“In the journey with Abhilasha Foundation. I have actually seen desires been converted in to realty. It’s a great Privileged to be a Part of Abhilasha, The Philanthropic work creates a great Influence on Society and Changing Minds of people for a brighter future of the Underprivileged children’s.................................... Hope you create MILESTONES ahead. Good Luck Abhilasha……. ”

Sameer Kachhi

“It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts about Abhilasha Foundation. The idea to have a realistic NGO strike to me when I came across with underprivileged children who were deprived of basic needs like education, health care and nutrition. In short duration Abhilasha has done tremendous work for upliftment of underprivileged children.”


“I’m fortunate to have been part of Abhilasha Foundation and really happy to see outstanding work done by them. It is a best way to stay connected with strangers. Everyone live their life for themselves, their family, friends and relatives but life is complete if we live for others too.”

Mangla Sarode

"Abhilasha Foundation is one of the leading NGO in Mumbai and we are very proud to work with this Ngo with complete transparency, accountability for the BPL Children for their critical surgeries."

Vrushali & Chanda

"A NGO that truely works for the upliftment and betterment of society with its vision of considering children as the future of the country.......Great going.......wish you best of luck.......Abhilasha"

Umme Hani Kazi

“Abhilasha Foundation is helping the underprivileged children and give them a better life. It is a second home for selfless and needy children. It is not possible to make any general statement about Abhilasha In India."

Imran, Kajol, Kushboo

"Abhilasha Foundation believes that affection is greater than perfection. The organization obeys the rules that if and when were planted, nothing grew.

Samreen, Zaheen

"Abhilasha Foundation is Umbrella in rain, Blanket in winter and Ice in summer. Abhilasha is a name that belongs to love, shelter and humanity.

Yash, Sofiya

"It’s great time to work with Abhilasha Foundation. We are very lucky that we can help poor children to save their life for those who are critically ill. We pray to god that Abhilasha Foundation reach at top of NGO sector.

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